Preparing Your Home For Sale

There are many cost effective ways to prepare your home for sale and maximize the sales price. Catering to a buyer’s human senses is the most proven and effective way to sell your home in a timely manner for the maximum sales price. These strategies are very important and well worth your time and effort. Most buyers purchase homes using their senses, especially their sight, smell and hearing.

  1. EXTERIOR LANDSCAPING: (SIGHT) Well-manicured lawn, bushes, shrubs, add a fresh layer of mulch or rocks to plant beds and plant some fresh flowers to give added brightness and a clean fresh smell.
  2. PRESSURE WASHING: (SIGHT) Pressure wash the entire home from: the roof, walls, gutters, soffits, walkways, sidewalks, driveway, pool enclosure, patio and fencing. This will visually make the entire exterior clean and fresh and show you maintain the exterior of your home. It also will prove the exterior of your home in in sound condition so buyers will have no concerns of possible maintenance issues when the do the home inspections to purchase the home.
  3. PAINTING: (SIGHT) A fresh coat of paint goes a long way. Painting the interior and exterior of your home is cost effective and will greatly increase your home’s value and overall perception.
  4. STAGING: (SIGHT) Staging the interior of your home is very important. Less is definitely more. Clear your home of all clutter. Allow potential buyers to easily walk through your home with their eyes and bodies. Many time the eyes do the buying of a home and not necessarily the sales price, location, size etc. Ultimately you want the home to look like a new model home. Therefore clothing, extra furniture, extra lighting, too much decorations, toys, magazines, cluttered: kitchens, baths, bedrooms, patios etc. needs to be removed, sold or placed in an inconspicuous location so the potentials buyer can again easily walk through your home with their eyes and bodies, thus greatly increasing your overall advantage to sell your home in a timely manner for the maximum sales price.
    1. If your home is vacant or certain rooms are empty. You can hire a staging company that will rent you everything you need from furniture, decorations, rugs, lighting and much more to completely set the stage to sell your home.
  5. SMELL: Make sure your home smells fresh inside and out. Fresh flowers, seasonal ferns and evergreens for the outside. The inside should smell clean and fresh of fresh baked cookies, scuttle scented candles or air fresheners, nothing too strong. The inside should not smell of any types of animals from dogs, cats, birds, hamsters etc. If you do have animals make sure the home has been vacuumed, carpets cleaned if necessary, cages cleaned etc. You don’t want the home to have pungent animal odors, we all love are pets but nobody wants to smell them.
  6. HEARING: Most homes are quiet but not always. Playing soft classical music will calm potential buyers keeping them in your home longer to view your entire home. Try and keep the television off during showings, no loud or offensive music. If you have dogs or animals that will be loud or potentially dangerous put them in a safe place out of sight, like the garage or back patio. Also small table-top water fountains can be used in the kitchen, master bathroom and patio to ease the stress and calm the buyers, increasing the overall feel of the home.
  7. TOUCH: Make sure the home is clean to the touch everywhere possible. A clean home inside and out sells. Buyers don’t want to buy your mess or dirt. They feel much more comfortable in a clean and fresh home.
  8. TASTE: When it’s possible have something to offer the potential buyers, they will remember you, your home and appreciate the friendliness. Realtors drive these buyers all around town all day and many of them are hungry and thirsty. Having some bottled water and snacks out on a table like crackers, cookies, granola bars can go a long way with a buyer. They will appreciate the gesture and ultimately remain in your home longer thus creating more potential for an offer.