Florida Tax Benefits

Florida has many tax advantages and is a tax friendly place to reside. Review all the advantages below.


The Property Appraiser’s Office administers all property tax exemptions. Brief   summaries of available exemptions are listed here. For more information or to apply, call at (386) 313-4150 or visit the Government Services Building located at 1769 E. Moody Blvd. Building #2 Suite 201 in Bunnell. Read full listing here.

Save Our Homes/ Assessment Cap

What is the Save Our Homes Amendment?

Section 193.155(1) of the Florida Statutes was enacted to implement an Amendment to the State Constitution to limit annual increases in property value assessments on real property qualifying for and receiving Homestead Exemption. Read more here.

Amendment 1

The Constitutional amendment created four new opportunities for taxpayers to obtain tax relief. Read more here.

Flagler County Active Military Combat Duty Grant

Any Flagler County service person who has served 45 days or more in a calendar year in a designated combat zone is entitled to a reimbursement of ad-valorem taxes levied by Flagler County on their homestead up to $1000. Read more here.

Senior Exemption Information

Additional $50,000 Exemption for persons 65 years of age and over.

Every person who is eligible for the Homestead Exemption is eligible for an additional exemption up to $50,000 under the following circumstances. Read more here.

Requirements For Reduction In Assessment For Living Quarters Of Parents Or Grandparents

Per Florida Statute 193.703 and Flagler County Ordinance 2010-05, certain property owners may apply for a reduction in the assessed value of homestead property which would otherwise be increased as a result of the construction of property for the purpose of providing living quarters for elderly parents or grandparents. Read more here.

Veterans/ Service Members Tax Benefits

Read full list of Veterans and Service Members tax benefits here.